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Our Features

Automate your business without coding. Building Chatbot with Rapidbott is easy and fun. Start your 7 days free trial today, no credit card required.


Multi-channel broadcasting

Create and send personalized multi-channel broadcast messages, promotional shoutouts and automated marketing campaigns that boast 98% open rates.


Artificial intelligence

Transform your messaging channels into the ultimate AI assistant, effortlessly boosting sales, lead generation and enhancing customer satisfaction across 10+ channels, social media, and email on full autopilot.



Set automated rules to sending engaging messages, assign conversations to your team, and develop automation that suit your business' needs the best.


Flow builder

Easily build and automate interactive conversations that nurture relationships and lead to more conversions with unlimited functionality.


Accelerate your sales with our built-in ecommerce

Rapidbott ecommerce feature allows customers to place orders across all the channels we support. Your customer can easily search for your products, and Rapidbott streamlines the checkout process for you.


Centralize inbox & live chat

Rapidbott allows you to send notifications(SMS, phone call, slack, email) to human agents, and also a live chat/inbox keeps all your contact and conversations on the same page.

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