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Grow your revenue, cut operational costs, and delight your customers.

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What We Offer

We develop WEBots (Website + Chatbot), FB Chatbots, WhatsApp Bots, Instagram Bots, AI Based Marketing video’s for your business.

Rapidbott Web Development Gig

Website Development

We also offer landing page/web page creation along with chatbot development.


All-In-One Bot

We are providing our #1 omnichannel chatbot platform; Build once, deploy everywhere.

Rapidbott Customer Support

Comprehensive Customer Support

We help other Landbot developers and clients with Landbot projects and provide consultations.

Rapidbott AI Video Marketing

AI Based Marketing Videos

We develop AI based marketings video for your social media campaigns.

Rapidbott is ​Ready to Improve Your Customer Engaement

Ready to Improve Your Customer Engagement

Our main goal is to connect our clients with their audiences in the most direct and engaging way possible:


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We help your brilliant chatbot idea to life.