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What are UTM parameters in Landbot Chatbot URLs?

UTM parameters are bits of information added at the end of a URL that can help you understand the visitors on your site. Of course, when you place them at the end of an unshortened link, they make the link even longer.

For example:

By using analytics tools like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, and others, you'll be able to say: "These visitors clicked on a link in our email newsletter scheduled for January 2022 that mentioned our 50%-off sale." And then you can go on to see how many of these visitors made a purchase through newsletters vs. other sources, like ads.

Using this information with Lanbot analytics, you can get a full view of site visitor interactions, from your chatbot link clicks to visitor conversions like purchases or registrations in your website analytics.

When using UTMs with Landbot chatbot, add them to your long URL before you shorten it.
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